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Terms and Conditions

Bidders must be at least 18 years of age

1). By using our services: It is acknowledged that you have read the terms and conditions provided here, and will abide by them. These terms and conditions apply to all 2BidsBuy auctions.

   1a).Specific auctions:  Auctions may have additional terms and conditions and or alterations to these terms, for that specific auction. When Bidding OR Selling, you agree to the these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the specific auction.

2). Buyer's Fees: Buyer shall pay to 2BidsBuy (or a 2BidsBuy Affiliate) a buyer's premium of 10% of the successful bid amount. All Buyers must pay the buyer's premium. If an item is subject to sales tax, 2BidsBuy (or a 2BidsBuy Affiliate) shall collect sales tax at the time of payment. Tax shall be calculated based on the successful bid price plus the buyer's premium.

3). 2BidsBuy's Role in Auction: 2BidsBuy is acting as agent of the seller in an online auction and is not responsible for acts of omissions or representation of the seller or any of the seller's principals, officers, directors, employees or other agents.

4). Contract and Payment: Any bid becomes a binding offer to buy the item for the bid amount, buyer's premium, sales tax, and any other applicable fees or charges. A legally binding contract between a bidder to buy and a seller to sell is formed when a bidder makes the highest bid and the online auction item is closed. All sales are final; a bidder may not cancel a bid after the auction closes.

5). Removal of Items/Shipping: Removal of items from the auction site or pickup location is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. All items must be removed from the auction site by the Pick-up Day(s) and Time(s) specified in Auction Details. If Buyer is not able to personally remove items, Buyer must arrange for shipping on their own accord and or with 2BidsBuy or the 2BidsBuy Affiliate. (To be found within each Auction under "Location")

   5a). If 2BidsBuy (or a 2BidsBuy Affiliate) determines: That the highest bid was not a bona fide bid, the item will not automatically go to the second highest bidder. If Buyer does not pay for and remove an item within the listed removal period, 2BidsBuy may resell the item without notice. If an item is resold for an amount less than the original, highest successful bid, Buyer is obligated to pay the difference. If full payment is not made by the end of the applicable removal period, Buyer's bidding privileges as to any other 2BidsBuy auctions will be suspended. Buyer's bidding privileges might not be reinstated until 2BidsBuy's invoice has been paid in full, regardless of whether an item has been resold.

   5b). 2BidsBuy reserves right: to remove Items from the auction either before, during or after bidding has completed. In the event of a removal after bidding has been completed, the purchaser's sole remedy shall be the refund of any purchase price actually paid. This situation would generally be due to (but not exclusively due to) damage caused to an item during the time of the Auction and The Auctioneer determines the item no longer fit for presentation.

6). Titled Items: Titles and Deeds to items will be passed to Buyer upon clearance of full payment for all items has been received. Upon removal of an Item from 2BidsBuy's (or a 2BidsBuy Affiliate) warehouse or acceptance of Deed, item becomes the full responsibility of Buyer.   

7). Warranties and Condition of Items: All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, and WITH ALL FAULTS. There are no express or implied warranties and no returns will be accepted, UNLESS stated within Item Description.

   7a). Descriptions: Pictures, written words, and all else is for the bidder's convenience and identification purposes only. Items within any Auction may have a reserve selling price. The announcement of a reserve may or may not be included within the Item Description at the Auctioneers discretion.

  7b). Divulging Reserve Prices: Reserve prices will NOT be divulged during an auction. Those Bidders that have placed a bid on a reserve priced item (and at action closing the reserve has not been met), may (within 24hrs of the auctions closing)petition 2bidsbuy for a Reserve Value Request and receive the knowledge of the reserve price. If the Bidder upon receiving the knowledge of the reserve price, decides to purchase item, the sale will be treated the same as any other item within that auction. This will be done on a first come first served basis using email dates and times as the binding factor. For each reserve item, this could be likened to a "Buy it Now" option and is being done in the effort of Reserve Price Fairness as explained below.

         7b1). SEND any Email Reserve Value Requests to: 2bidsbuy@gmail.com

                 Each Reserve Value Request will need to include the following:

                    a). Auction Name, with Closing Date and Time.

                    b). Item Lot Number and Description)

8). Indemnification: Buyer indemnifies and holds harmless 2BidsBuy, its directors, officers, employees and agents against any damage or loss which Buyer, 2BidsBuy or third-parties may suffer or incur with respect to loss, damage or injury arising from the removal of an item.

9). Arbitration and Court of Law: Mediation must be done before any Legal Action is brought.

   9a) All disputes: relating to an 2BidsBuy online auction and the terms and conditions herein shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.

   9b). All claims: relating to any 2BidsBuy (or a 2BidsBuy Affiliate) online auction and the terms and conditions herein shall be brought to "District Court in Stearns County, Minnesota," and bidders hereby consent to both the jurisdiction of said Court and to bear all costs for all legal proceedings to include, but not exclusive off, costs incurred by 2BidsBuy.


2BidsBuy is making the effort to CORRECT something, that some Online Auction Sites have been suspected of: THIS BEING the activity of suspicious Bids raising the bid price giving buyers the feeling that we are being ripped off by unscrupulous Auctioneers or Auction houses.

We hope that others will follow our lead and or STOP any shenanigans.

We believe that "Reserve Items" within Auctions is the best way to announce that the owner (consignee) DOES NOT want to sell the item for less that a given amount.
As a buyer (bidder)
wouldn't You really rather know that there IS INDEED a reserve, rather that being deluded into believing that You are bidding on an Absolute (no reserve) Item?

The following explanation will help make a logical sense
out of online reserve bidding:

1: IF you are a "Consignee" with 2BB and have asked us to list an item.
Let's use a Car as an example: AND
the Kelly Blue Book on that car is, let's say $10,000.00.
Should we expect you to list with us, WITHOUT a RESERVE PRICE, where You may take a severe beating on the money you receive, just so we can receive our commissions? OR you get your cousin or someone else to "jack the bid" up and complain about having to pay the "buyers premium" to buy back your own car? OR worse yet "the Auction House" condones such "bid jacking". (and quite frankly IF you are a "Bid Jacker" you deserve to be Jailed for Stealing, let alone paying a few bucks your discrepancy)

2: IF you are a "Bidder" on this Car, by rights you would like nothing better than to drive away with a $10,000.00 vehicle for 20 bucks, because of some unexplainable freak of computerized nature, where no one else was interested in bidding. AND there was no RESERVE.

(BUT let's be realistic)

3: IF you are a serious bidder and it is a Car you would like to own AND the Reserve Price Listed with us is $6,500.00. (Only the Consignee and 2BB know this Reserve Price)
  3a: Let's say: You would gladly pay $7,100.00 plus commissions for this car.
  3b: Wanting as good of a bargain as possible You place the first bid of $20.00 and a Maximum of $6,500.00.
  3c: By the last day of the auction the Bids reach $6,000.00.
  3d: You raise your Maximum bid to your limit of $7,100.00, to be sure to safeguard your status as lead bidder. (Remember the $6,500.00 reserve is NOT MET YET) and You are the High Bidder.
  3e: BUT because no one ever put in the $6,100.00 to $6,500.00 bids.
     1). You never had the opportunity to own the car of your dreams for $6,600.00.
     2). The Consignee never had the opportunity to sell the vehicle.
     3). 2BB never got to collect any commissions, and my children didn't get to go to college.

THEREFORE.. IF you are a Consignee with us and "Selling" items on 2BB AND have proven to us that the Reserve Price that you are asking (for any item) is realistic.(generally meaning from 40% to 70% of the accepted value) We Will Allow You to Bid Your Own Item UP TO the Reserve Price. BUT NO FURTHER.
IF You are listing Items Without a Reserve YOU SHALL NOT bid on your own items PERIOD.

ANYONE caught bidding beyond these terms or conspiring with another bidder to do so, OR using the services of this Site for ANY FORM of ill gotten gain, WILL be banned from this site and or prosecuted to the full extent of the law..(Be aware that, we are smarter than we look, and behind the scenes we have ways of tracking suspicious activity)

1). BOTH Sellers and Bidders are Important Customers of Ours.
2). Trustworthy Sellers are needed.
3). Being Trusted by Bidders IS A MUST.
We will rid ourselves of bad customers Quickly, in the attempt, that Honest Folks may live in Harmony.


As easy as 1-2-3

1: CLICK ON THE "REGISTER" PAGE (Here or in the header row of any page) AND THERE RECEIVE A PERSONAL BIDDING NUMBER. (Name, Address, Email, Phone are the only requirements)


1a: Your assigned personal bidding number is valid, for as long as you remain in good standing with this site. There is no need to re-register for another personal bidding number for future auctions.

2: AS A BIDDER, You may now place a bid on any item(s) of interest within any auction listed. You may wish to place a "Max. Bid" and our Secure Software will secretly Bid for You up to that amount. (much like Ebay) The software only bids for You, if another bidder outbids You. (Other bidders can not see your "maximum bid")

2a: It is by no means mandatory that You place a maximum bid (just handy if you may not want to keep checking back) and You can always raise your bid or maximum bid later in the auction, if needed.

3: IF You are the highest bidder at the closing of the auction, You will receive an invoice, via email, reflecting the item(s) You have purchased.

 3a: It is now Your responsibility to Pick up (or arrange for Shipping) of the Item(s).

Pick up days and times of each Individual Auction are listed within the Auction Details of THAT AUCTION. These Locations - dates - times, will vary from Auction to Auction so make sure that when you Bid, You are able to either Pick up the goods or are ready to arrange for Shipping, as well as Payment for Item and ALL Shipping and Handling Costs. (pretty much same as Ebay)


IF you ever have any questions about these Terms: Email me at  2bidsbuy@gmail.com.

2BidsBuy is a Subsidiary of MGC Sales -108 East Hoffman - Paynesville, MN 56362

Michael G. Christian Auctioneer MN State Lic. #73-05039